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About Me


I am a self-taught web developer from Hungary.

I graduated from one of the country's best universities in Business and Management, specializing in logistics. I started working for a local branch of IBM in the field of logistics. I enjoyed most of that work and that's where I learned SQL and Excel at a very professional level.

I always had an entrepreneurial side so while I worked full-time at IBM, I also worked on a blog and learned to do SEO. After 3 years I was making more online from affiliate marketing than from my full-time job (keep in mind, salaries in Hungary are not even close to western salaries).

So I quit my job.

SEO is an interesting game. It's always changing so I was prepared to lose it all any time. I still have that blog and it still makes the bulk of my income.

As a way to diversify, I have bought real estate.

I also realized that competing with other blogs is hard. There is always someone who is willing to write more or better content than me. What made a really big difference is having a calculator on my site. That generated a lot of links and traffic. So I taught why not learn programming so I can create such tools myself?

I was not completely new to programming. In my teens I actually created a couple websites. But back then I was more interested in business.

So in 2018 I started to learn programming. Programming is in many ways similar to learning languages. In the beginning it seems easy. You just have to learn the basic building blocks. But then it gets harder as you have to put more complex things.

I am quite good in HTML, CSS, Javascript, VueJS, Node, Express, MongoDB, and SQL.

I am not looking for a job in the field. I want to build my own "side projects". In fact, WDJ is one of them.

Bookmark the site if you want to learn with me.

-- Jay