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How to Learn Javascript

I am a self-taught web developer. I have learned Javascript on my own and I feel pretty comfortable with it. That took a lot of time for me. I have watched a lot of online courses, done the projects. After some time it just started to click.

You don't have to take all the courses I have taken. If you take these courses (in this order), you can achieve a good understanding fast:

Andrew Mead's Udemy Courses

The best introductory course in my opinion is Andrew Mead's Modern Javascript Bootcamp. It will not teach you everything there is to know about Javascript, but it will teach you the most often used features of the language. What I particularly like about Andrew's courses is they are all packed with exercises and he is very motivating. So you will actually do all the exercises and by the end of the course, you will feel quite confident.

Andrew's Node course is also a good one.

He doesn't teach you everything though. That's not even possible given the size of Javascript and the many possible applications of it. So you will have to supplement that knowledge with other courses.

Will Sentance's Pluralsight Courses

Will Sentanceis running Codesmith, a coding bootcamp company. He also has some awesome courses on Pluralsight. Andrew Mead's course gives you practice with the tools of the language, Will's course will help you understand how things work. At first sight Javascript is just like any other programming language, but under the hood it has quite a few weird features.

The Hard Parts, The New Hard Parts, The Hard Parts of Object Oriented Programming are all great from Will. I was not that impressed with his Node course, and I have not taken the functional programming one yet.

Bogdan Stashchuk's Javascript Bible on Udemy

Bogdan is from Ukraine if I am not mistaken and he has put together an awesome course. It will deepen the understanding of all the basics of the language, how OOP is working and more. It also has lots of exercises that are actually interesting. A word of warning, he has a thick accent. It was not a problem for me as I am a non-native English speaker as well. Some of you may have trouble with that but in my opinion it's worth to work through the course. I cannot praise it enough.

Asim Hussain's Asynchronous Javascript Course on Udemy

Bogdan's course doesn't cover asynchronous Javascript. Javascript is the language of the web, and web is about making network requests. Javascript handles that with asynchronicity. The best course I have found on that is created by Asim Hussain. It uses Node as the instrument of teaching, so the fetch API is not covered but that's covered pretty well in Andrew Mead's course. Hussain's course also has numerous exercises.

Other Resources

While you are going through these courses, you will start using MDN and Stackoverflow. W3Schools is also good for a quick check, but if you want real deep documentation of certain features, you will end up on MDN.

As you can see, the courses that worked for me are the ones that stress exercises. If you take these courses in this order, I am pretty sure you will succeed in learning Javascript. The next steps would be learning a front-end framework like React or Vue, or getting deep into backend programming with Node.