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Javascript Limitations

When a programming language changes as fast as Javascript, browsers need time to catch up with it. That's why support for some of the ES6 (ECMA2016) is spotty on some browsers.

The biggest limitation I see with Javascript is the way it handles numbers. If you do anything with floating numbers, the result won't be correct. Javascript will add some random decimals to the result.

There is also a limit to how long numbers can be. It's around fifteen characters. Above that what happens?

Javascript is also an (arguably) interpreted language. Although there is some Just in Time compiling, from a performance point of view, it's safe to say that it won't ever be as performant as some of the compiled languages.

Leaked globals are often an issue. Some think it's a design fallacy that Javascript allows it.

let myVar = "some text";

let myFunction = function () {
myvar = "some new text";

In this short example, I have made a typo by using a lowercase v in myvar inside the function. Javascript won't give an error message and sets up a new myvar variable in the global scope.